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Brooklyn Jury Rules In Favor Of Driver Seriously Injured In A Rear-End Accident

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A Brooklyn jury recently awarded a plaintiff driver $145,000 for personal injuries that were sustained in a rear end collision.

In April of 2014, the plaintiff was sitting in his stopped vehicle. The plaintiff’s vehicle was struck in the rear by a delivery truck. As a result of the impact, the plaintiff sustained a rotator cuff tear in his shoulder and pain in his neck and back. The rotator cuff tear required surgical repair. The plaintiff missed a few days of work after his accident and a few weeks of work after his surgery.

The plaintiff commenced a lawsuit against the driver of the delivery truck and the delivery truck company. Liability was found against the defendants during summary judgment.

A trial on the issue of damages was held before a Brooklyn jury. The plaintiff’s attorney argued that the plaintiff sustained serious personal injuries when his vehicle was struck in the rear by the negligent truck driver. Counsel for the defendants argued that the collision was a low-impact collision because the airbags did not deploy. Defendants’ counsel also argued that the plaintiff made a full recovery after his surgery on his non-dominant arm.

The jury awarded the plaintiff $145,000. The plaintiff was awarded $60,000 for past pain and suffering, $85,000 for past medical expenses. The jury did not award the plaintiff any damages for future medical expenses and future pain and suffering.

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