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Have You Been Injured In A "T-Bone" Car Accident? Speak With A New York Car Accident Attorney

New York Car Accident Attorneys Here to Help if you were injured in a T-Bone collision

A “T-Bone” car accident is also known as a side impact collisions, an angle collision or a broadside collision.  These accidents can result in very serious injuries and sometimes even death.

According to the National Safety Council, about 5.2 million injuries were sustained in 2022 from motor vehicle collisions. Side-impact collisions caused about 43.0% of these injuries, the most of all types of car accidents.  According to the same study, T-bone collisions resulted in about 8,800 fatalities in 2022. Put differently, T-bone vehicle accidents accounted for approximately 45% of all fatalities in vehicle collisions in 2022.

T-bone accident cases can be somewhat complicated when compared to other types of motor vehicle accident claims. If you have been injured in a side impact collision, you need a New York car accident attorney who can help you get the compensation you need to rebuild your life after this scary accident.  


A T-Bone Collision Is A Unique Type Of Car Accident

T-bone motor vehicle accidents occur when one vehicle strikes another vehicle perpendicularly, forming a “T” shape.  The motor vehicle that is being struck does not offer a lot of protection for the driver or passenger depending on the side of the vehicle that is being impacted.   The vehicle being struck in the T-bone collision does not have several feet of metal or interior between them and the other vehicle. As a result, these types of car accidents can be very serious when the car being struck is hit and where there are only a few inches between the other vehicle and the occupant(s) of the vehicle. In fact, many serious personal injuries are caused by the striking vehicle physically intruding into the passenger compartment of the other vehicle. For this reason, broken limbs are common in side impact collisions. Death may also result in this type of motor vehicle accident.

T-bone collisions can also result in head injuries, especially where one vehicle is much higher than the other vehicle.  In this type of scenario, if an SUV or pickup strikes a smaller or lower sedan, the bumper of the SUV or pickup could potentially be at the same height as the head(s) of either the driver or passenger in the other car that is being struck. 

If you have been injured in a T-bone collision, you need a New York car accident attorney who has experience in handling these types of claims. 

How Does A T-Bone Accident Happen?

Most side-impact collisions occur in intersections where one vehicle ran a stop sign or stoplight. They can also happen on the highway when one driver loses control of their vehicle and skids sideways into another vehicle. They can also occur in a parking lot like at a shopping center when a driver is backing out of a parking space. 

While it may be obvious who is at fault for causing the accident, you still need to be able to prove what happened. Basically, you need to be able to prove that the other driver ran a red light or engaged in the negligent conduct that result in the T-bone accident occurring. Proving negligence in this type of motor vehicle accident can be a little bit more difficult than most people expect, but a New York Car Accident Attorney will know how to gather the evidence you need to prove your liability claim. 

Speak With A New York Car Accident Attorney If You Have Been Injured In A T-bone Collision

If you or a loved one have been injured in a T-bone accident, get the aggressive representation you deserve. We may be able to recover financial compensation for any medical expenses, physical harms, lost income or emotional distresses you may face as the result of your accident. The New York Car Accident Attorneys at Law Office of Dimitrios Kourouklis, Ph.D. can take on the insurance company and file the necessary claim or lawsuit against an at-fault driver(s). To schedule a free consultation and case evaluation with a New York car accident attorney, please call us today at (929) 400-7608, or contact us online.



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