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Reasons To Hire A New York Personal Injury Attorney

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While injury-related accidents are sometimes able to be resolved by private individuals and insurance companies, that is not always the case. And even when it is possible to resolve an injury-causing accident without legal representation, that doesn’t mean it’s in the victim’s best interests. It does not mean that you will receive the maximum possible value for the injuries that you sustained.

When someone is injured due to another person’s negligence, the victim can potentially recover damages for their medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of wages, and other hardships as a result of the injuries. Statistics show that the best way to recover necessary damages is to hire an injury attorney. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a lawyer if you’ve been injured in a car accident, premises accident, or other personal injury incident:

More substantial recovery – victims with legal representation are proven to typically receive a better monetary recovery than those who represent themselves. This may not be fair, but it’s the truth. Many may argue that legal fees cause those extra recovery dollars to be pointless, but typically victims will walk away with more even after paying contingency fees following the resolution of their case.

Better understanding of what it takes to win your case – personal injury attorneys work to resolve claims day in and day out. That experience is irreplaceable. Lawyers know to investigate all sources of insurance coverage and are experienced at handling those insurance companies. Typically, insurance adjusters have a goal of paying out as little compensation as possible and use certain tricks that only a knowledgeable and experienced attorney would know about. The threat of litigation is an extremely motivating factor to insurance companies, and having a lawyer with this type of experience can assist in a quicker and fair resolution.

Accurate case value and understanding of what’s necessary to gain that value – personal injury lawyers have vast research experience and knowledge. This means they have a true understanding of what your case is worth by considering all factors involved. Consistent medical care is important to overall recovery and accurate medical records can be a large factor in a legal claim.

Suffering from a personal injury is a traumatic event in and of itself. When coupled with the stress of finding a personal injury attorney amplifies this stress. If you need a personal injury attorney to represent you, you do not want to waste time searching everywhere for an attorney. You want to find the best attorney that will listen to you and fight for your rights. Time is limited and in some instances the longer you take to find a personal injury attorney, you may forfeit your right to assert a claim for your personal injuries. You need to find the personal injury attorney that is best for your situation, who is qualified and who will represent you to the fullest of their ability.

Your recovery is important, so you should be able to focus on getting well without worrying about legal issues. The most basic reason to hire a personal injury attorney is so that they can take care of things so you don’t have to. Our experienced team of New York Personal Injury Attorneys stand ready to fight for justice on behalf of personal injury victims in the New York City area, Long Island and Westchester County and to explain your legal rights. To schedule a free initial consultation with our firm, please call our office at (929) 400-7608 or email us at

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